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  • user First quiz about Ukraine
    Short quiz about Ukraine. Test yours knowledge Start quiz
  • user Second Quiz about Ukraine
    Second Quiz about Ukraine Start quiz
  • user Вгадай Хто на Фото
    Цей тест зможуть пройти не всі! Бо треба мати Здорові мізки! :) Start quiz
  • user How Ukraine became part of USSR
    This is a short quiz with 8 question. It is based on the youtube video: https://youtu.be/9Gwuu7TXPwI Start quiz
  • user A Brief History Of Ukraine (And Why Russia Wants To Control It)
    The video discusses the history of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia, including the reasons for Russia's desire to control it. https://youtu.be/MDN-DtJMs4Y Start quiz