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  • user First quiz about Ukraine
    Short quiz about Ukraine. Test yours knowledge Short quiz about Ukraine. Test yours knowledge Short quiz about Ukraine. Test yours knowledge Start quiz
  • user Second Quiz about Ukraine
    Second Quiz about Ukraine Start quiz
  • user Вгадай Хто на Фото
    Цей тест зможуть пройти не всі! Бо треба мати Здорові мізки! :) Start quiz
  • user How Ukraine became part of USSR
    This is a short quiz with 8 question. It is based on the youtube video: https://youtu.be/9Gwuu7TXPwI Start quiz
  • user Lex Fridman and Stephen Kotkin: War in Ukraine
    This quiz is based on Lex Fridman podcast with Stephen Kotkin who is a historian specializing in Stalin and Soviet history. Start quiz
  • user A Brief History Of Ukraine (And Why Russia Wants To Control It)
    The video discusses the history of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia, including the reasons for Russia's desire to control it. https://youtu.be/MDN-DtJMs4Y Start quiz
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  • user Should We Prepare For (the Next) Break-up of Russia?
    The discussion ponders if Russia might disintegrate or become a failed state by 2033 due to numerous crises including economic disparity, military impasse in Ukraine, and internal instability. It explores Russia's history, geopolitical motives, expansionist tendencies, internal tensions, and present challenges, arguing that the possibility of a Soviet-style breakup should not be dismissed. Start quiz
  • New quiz 555
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  • Квіз 222
    Nice quizz ерррр роооо ооро полщп ррощщлл Start quiz
  • user How 9/11 was used to sell a War
    In the video titled "How 9/11 was used to Sell a War," the narrator delves into the behind-the-scenes manipulation and deception that led to the invasion of Iraq by the United States. It exposes a stark contrast between private discussions and public statements made by US officials regarding the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and its alleged ties to 9/11. The video highlights the flawed intelligence used to justify the war and the devastating consequences it had on Iraq and its people, shedding light on the dangers of fear, deception, and unchecked political power. Start quiz