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  • user In full: Interview with President Zelenskyy
    This quiz is based on Zelenskyy interview to Sky News. What is needed for Ukraine to win the war with Russia. Start quiz
  • user The Propaganda War
    The "Propaganda War for Ukraine" is a documentary exploring the propaganda and disinformation campaigns of Russia and Ukraine during the ongoing conflict. The war is fought not only on TV but also on social media platforms. Both sides use strategic communication and influencers to spread their message. The video shows how media-savvy influencers like Alexey Arestovych and President Zelenskyy use social media to reach their audiences and promote their narratives. The conflict has also seen the spread of false information, and the documentary highlights the dangers of propaganda and the importance of critical thinking. Start quiz
  • user What Will It Take to End Russia's War on Ukraine? | The Agenda
    The video discusses the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, one year after Russia's illegal attack on Ukraine. The estimated death toll is around 200,000 Russian soldiers, 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 30,000 Ukrainian civilians. The video also includes an assessment by columnist Diane Francis on the current state of the conflict and what is needed to bring it to an end. They discuss the role of the United States, China, and India in the conflict, as well as the potential for a sit-down meeting between Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Russian President Putin. To bring an end to the conflict, Francis believes that providing weaponry to Ukraine, tightening sanctions, and being open to a sit-down with Putin are essential. Start quiz
  • user Joe Rogan: How Will The Russia - Ukraine War End?
    In this video, Joe Rogan discusses the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and how it might end. The speaker believes that the Russians see this as an existential fight for their survival and that they are fighting badly. He believes that a direct fight between NATO and Russia would result in a large number of casualties, and that the use of nukes is a possibility for the Russians. The speaker argues that there are good reasons to support Ukraine in this conflict to avoid a general nuclear exchange. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d5mQ66MlVM Start quiz
  • user Why Ukraine Re-Taking Crimea Will Destroy Russia
    Video discussing the possibility of Ukraine re-taking Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. The Ukrainian president has announced that his war goals include finally returning Crimea back to Ukrainian control. The Ukrainian army has managed to push back the Russians along the front line, and reclaim some territory. However, Crimea remains a difficult and challenging objective due to its geography. Crimea is nearly a separate island and is connected to the European mainland by a narrow isthmus that is heavily fortified by the Russians. Additionally, Crimea has a vast coastline and beaches, making it hard to defend. The video analyzes the different ways the Ukrainian army could try to take back Crimea, such as airborne or amphibious assaults, and explains the risks and difficulties involved. https://youtu.be/MFYDYSYapz4 Start quiz
  • user 10 biggest world threats of 2023, ranked | Ian Bremmer
    The video discusses the top 10 risks that the world is facing in 2023, as ranked by impact, imminence, and likelihood. The risks include water stress, the influence of TikTok's most diverse and activist generation, political divisions in the United States, global development setbacks, cybersecurity threats, climate change, US-China relations, technological authoritarianism, nuclear weapons, and global supply chain disruptions. There are a few more significant issues that will have implications for global politics, economics, and security. It is important for countries to work together to address these challenges and find peaceful solutions to prevent further destabilization. https://youtu.be/-QvFkwyX28c Start quiz