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  • user What do you know about the Ukrainian language?
    interesting facts about the Ukrainian language Start quiz
  • user How Long Will Europe’s Support of the War in Ukraine Last? | VICE News
    The Vice News report examines the growing divide in Germany over support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. While German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has offered billions of dollars in military support to Ukraine, there is a rising opposition in Germany to send weapons to a conflict outside their borders. This opposition is not only present in Germany, as the UK, France, Italy and other countries have seen recent protests against NATO's involvement in the conflict. The report also touches upon the refugees from Ukraine who have sought asylum in Germany, and how opinions on this matter have changed. https://youtu.be/sYpDw6sdlYA Start quiz
  • user Has the sexual revolution backfired? Louise Perry
    Louise Perry, the author of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century, questions the once unambiguously positive view of the sexual revolution. Perry argues that sex-positive feminism justifies abusive and power-imbalanced sexual practices and pressures women to imitate masculine roles. She believes that inherent physical and psychological differences between men and women have profound social implications that the current sexual culture doesn’t serve. Her book challenges the idea that the sexual revolution was an unqualified success https://youtu.be/9osWeVE2Tg8 Start quiz
  • user Social media addiction - how it changes your brain
    The video discusses how social media has created a world where we are constantly exposed to a large number of models of desire, which can have an impact on our mental and emotional health. Mimetic desire is the process of adopting another person's desire as our own without realizing it. https://youtu.be/DcIgk94Fp6Y Start quiz
  • user Random Facts About Canada
    The video discusses various random facts about Canada, including its multiculturalism, coastline, temperature records, population centers, and highest and lowest points. https://youtu.be/TVkYPRHsRfw Start quiz
  • user USA
    Well known facts about USA Start quiz
  • New quiz 666
    Bilderberg Meetings, annual meetings attended by 120 to 150 political leaders, government officials, and experts from industry, finance, media, and academia in Europe and North America. The meetings, held in a different European or North American country each year, provide a private, informal environment in which those who influence national policies and international affairs in the West can get to know each other and discuss without commitment their common problems. After each conference a private report of the meeting is circulated only to past and present participants, and in the report speakers are identified only by their country. Start quiz
  • user How culture drives behaviours
    In the TEDxTrondheim talk titled "How Culture Drives Behaviors," Julien S. Bourrelle explores the profound impact of culture on our daily interactions and perceptions. Drawing from personal experiences in Norway and Catalonia, he highlights how cultural differences shape social norms, friendships, and communication styles. Bourrelle emphasizes the need to understand and adapt to diverse cultures, stressing that changing one's cultural lens can lead to better problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Ultimately, he advocates for embracing cultural diversity and the importance of explaining these differences to foster effective cross-cultural communication. Start quiz